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2D MONDAY, JULY 2, 2018 JOURNAL COURIER OBITUARIES REMINGTON Carl R. Pampel, 93, lifetime resi- dent of Remington, passed away at 1:12 AM Thurs- day, June 28, 2018 at his residence surrounded by family. He was born July 30, 1924 in Remington to the late Lester and Bertha (Armold) Pampel. Carl was a 1943 graduate of Gilboa High School. Carl served in the United States Army during the Pacific Theatre stationed in occupied Japan.

He was selected to be part of one of the first Honor Flights to Washington D.C in honor of WWII veterans. His marriage was to Deloris Hackley in 1944 in Remington. She preceded him in death on January 16, 2007. Carl was a member of the local Masonic Lodge, Indianapolis Shrine, Jasper County Council for 8 years, active in the Jasper County Republican Party, American Legion Post 280 for 72 years, and also proudly served as Legion Baseball Chairman for several years. Carl was owner operator of Remington Ready Mix from 1958 to 1985, and then he worked for Irving Materials until retirement in 2000.

In his spare time, he enjoyed mowing, fishing, and spending time with his family. Carl is survived by his two sons, Terry (wife: Nancy) Pampel of Gulf Shores, AL, and Don (wife: Denise) of Remington, daughter-in-law, Con- nie Pampel of Monticello; sister, Faye Marie Longest of Remington. Also surviving are 6 grandchildren, Dodi, Eric, Tony, Dan, Dana, Darcy, and 13 great-grandchildren. Preceding him in death along with his parents and wife are a son, Larry Pampel, siblings, Glen, Arlyne, Judy, and his companion, Tomoko. Friends may call from 4 PM (EST) until the time of Memorial Service 6 PM (EST) Thursday, July 5, 2018 at Stitz-Clapper Funeral Home of Rem- ington.

Immediately following memorial service, there will be a celebration of life dinner held at the nearby Fulcher Center. Inurnment will be held in Remington Cemetery at a later date. Memorial contributions may be made in name to Fountain Park Chautauqua. Share memories and condolences online at www.clapperfuneralservices. com.

Carl R. Pampel Carl R. 93 Remington 28-Jun Hartzler-Clapper Funeral Home Additional information in display obituaries Obituaries appear in print and online at OBITUARIES AND DEATH NOTICES Name Age Town, State Death Date Arrangements The Journal Courier publishes basic death notices and personalized obitu- aries for those with a connection to our readership area. Free death notices in- clude the name, age, city of residence and arrangement details. Per- sonalized obituaries are paid advertise- ments and are written by family mem- bers.

Local funeral homes can provide families with information including costs of obituary listings. Obituaries are co- ordinated by the Journal Courier, call 765-420-5287 for details. Obituaries are online at SEATTLE The Seat- tle region is home to two richest men, but their local lega- cies to date represent dif- ferent eras for the city. While Bezos is blamed by some for rising rents and clogged city streets, Bill Gates largely is admired for helping lead the com- puting revolution and do- nating billions through his philanthropy.

The Microsoft co- legacy includes opening the larg- est private charity, creat- ing housing for homeless families and supporting charter schools. Microsoft was the tech company to bring dramatic change to the economy as it grew quickly in the 1980s and 1990s. Today, Seattle is booming again with housing prices skyrock- eting due to online retail giant growth that has added tens of thousands of well-paid workers to the area. Bezos has been a point in the tension that has come with success. The City Council recently passed, then quickly re- scinded, a tax on large employers to combat homelessness, which Amazon opposed and worked to strike down.

A city councilwoman orga- nized protests in front of Amazon buildings featur- ing people carrying signs. Gates has mostly es- caped the criticism di- rected at Bezos and other tech leaders as Seattle debates how to respond to the advantages and downsides of being the United fastest- growing big city. Observers say Gates from being a lo- cal and the lead- ing philanthropist. Margaret a historian and University of Washington professor, said Gates came from a prominent Seattle family, arising in the public eye at a time when there was less anxiety about online privacy. a really, really dif- ferent public said.

recog- nized the importance of this responsibility, this broader civic responsibil- ity, that he had great pow- er to be incredibly ential, to deploy his intel- lect and persuasive pow- ers for Early on, there was some criticism that Gates and his company could be better corporate citizens as Microsoft blossomed. But thanks to the billions he gives away each year, Gates has shedded his reputation as a laser-fo- cused, sharp-elbowed tech billionaire, though his controversial philan- thropic work focused on changing school systems gone unnoticed at home. Amazon is far more visible near downtown since starting as an on- line book-seller in 1994. It emerged as one of the success stories from the 1990s dot-com boom and is largest private employer, with more than 45,000 workers. Bezos, who grew up in Houston, moved to Seattle to launch his startup in part because of Washington favorable tax structure.

Amazon declined to comment on be- half. Bezos, who in the past year surpassed Gates as the richest per- son, recently hinted he, too, will take on philan- thropy. He said on Twit- ter that he will an- nounce his plans later this year. Bezos has been on the board of the Bezos Family Founda- tion that is run by his parents, which focuses on education nationally. In January, Bezos gave $33 million in col- lege scholarships for young immigrants liv- ing in the U.S.

illegally. He signed The Giving Pledge, an initia- tive launched by Gates encouraging billionaires to commit to giving away most of their wealth. Where Bezos has been criticized for not being present enough, since 2000 has dedicated resources to helping local community issues. Food banks and domestic violence vic- assistance are among the modestly funded and lesser-known work of the powerful, globally focused Bill and Melinda Gates Founda- tion. Bill Gates is also credited with delivering a Washington state charter school law through cam- paign contributions and his support of the movement.

David Bley, who leads the Gates Northwest unit, said his team is the only one that functions in a more typical family foun- dation fashion by giving to local causes. Just 1.5 percent, or al- most $70 million, of the $4.6 billion the founda- tion gave away in 2016 the needy in the Puget Sound region and Washington state, ac- cording to the founda- annual report. Still, Gates is not with- out critics. The home- town hero escape a national reputation as the leading funder of U.S. education reform.

Some of the controversial ideas prioritized have in the state over the years. The foundation said it is unapologetic about the urgency it feels is needed to transform school sys- tems that consistently leave behind poor and minority kids. a funder. not government. They have way more money.

They have Bley said. only have and catalytic amounts of money to help people try out new Barbs for Bezos but Gates admired in Seattle Sally Ho ASSOCIATED PRESS Spheres take shape in front of an existing Amazon building, behind, as new construction continues across the street in Seattle. Jeff Bezos is blamed by some for rising rents and clogged city streets, but another area billionaire, Bill Gates, is largely admired for helping lead the computing revolution and for the billions he donates through his philanthropy. ELAINE FILE Bill Gates, one of the richest men in America, calls the Seattle area region home, where he draws admiration for his role in the computing revolution and for the billions he donates through his philanthropy. MICHEL FILE.

Journal and Courier from Lafayette, Indiana (2024)


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