CVS Near Me | Fort Myers, FL (2024)

Pharmacies in Fort Myers, FL

Your Fort Myers Neighborhood Pharmacy

From North Fort Myers to Cape Coral and the surrounding areas, CVS Pharmacy is making healthy happen one drugstore at a time. With nearly 20 different locations in the Fort Myers area, it's easy to find a nearby drugstore for health services and convenient shopping. Book an appointment at our MinuteClinic for same-day care, refill your prescription medications, shop for everyday essentials, and even print photos all in one convenient location. Stop by your local CVS Pharmacy today.

Refill Prescriptions & Medications

CVS Pharmacy is your trusted provider for prescription medication refills. Creating a worry-free pharmacy experience starts with making prescription refills a breeze. With ReadyFill®, it's easy to enroll in automatic refills, so your medication is ready before you even arrive. Looking to save time? Pick up your prescription drugs in our drive-thru or schedule a delivery straight to your front door through your account. An expert pharmacist is always available to answer any questions you have about your medications. At CVS Pharmacy, managing your medication refills is right at the tip of your fingers.

Fort Myers Pharmacy Services

As America’s leading retail drugstore, CVS Pharmacy is proud to provide excellent health and wellness services to meet the unique needs of the community. With qualified and knowledgeable pharmacists and helpful staff, CVS Pharmacies in Fort Myers provide convenient and comprehensive services such as:

Prescription Refills: Getting the medication you need is easy and more affordable at your local CVS drugstore. Transfer, fill, or enroll in automatic prescription refills for seamless medication management. Your local CVS Pharmacy can save you even more time with drive-thru prescription pick-up or delivery straight to your door.

MinuteClinic®: Our retail clinic provides in-person and telehealth services seven days a week. We give patients access to affordable, convenient health solutions. MinuteClinic provides physicals, Covid-19 services, pre-travel consultations, and treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. Schedule an appointment at a CVS pharmacy located near you.

CVS HealthHUB: We make it easy to get the healthcare services you deserve. CVS HealthHUB is our comprehensive in-store wellness center that offers more personalized & expanded MinuteClinic services, and an extensive wellness product lineup. Get access to primary care providers, mental health counseling, immunizations, health screenings and treatment, guidance and advice from pharmacists, and more all in one convenient location. CVS Pharmacies in Fort Myers offer both telehealth and in-person care. Learn more about services available to customers at a CVS HealthHUB location.

CVS Health Care Coverage: Our commitment to easy-to-access health and wellness support includes affordable health insurance. Contact or visit a CVS Pharmacy located near you to learn more about ACA individual and family plans, commercial plans, Medicare, and Medicaid options.

Everyday Essentials: From self-care and common household products, to food items and home health care supplies, CVS Pharmacy is your trusted drugstore.

Shop Health Items & Everyday Essentials

CVS Pharmacy has everything you need in a pinch. Beyond filling prescriptions, our Fort Myers pharmacies are your go-to destination for everyday essentials. Whether you're in need of beauty and self-care items, groceries, or household necessities, your local CVS pharmacy has you covered. Our knowledgeable employees and pharmacy staff pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service and a convenient shopping experience. Your local CVS Pharmacy in Fort Myers makes buying the things you need easy with online shopping. Place your order on our site and pick up your items at a CVS Pharmacy near you. At your neighborhood CVS Pharmacy, shopping for everyday essentials at affordable pricing has never been easier.

CVS Pharmacy Fort Myers, FL FAQs

Does Southwest Florida International have a CVS?

No, there is not a CVS Pharmacy in the Southwest Florida International Airport. The closest CVS drugstore is at 13591 Jetport Commerce Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33913.

Is there a CVS near Florida Gulf Coast University?

University students are in luck! The nearest CVS Pharmacy is less than a ten minute drive from campus. It is located at 10000 Gulf Center Dr, Fort Myers, FL 33913.

How many CVS Pharmacies are in Fort Myers?

There are nearly 20 CVS drugstores in Fort Myers, Florida.

How many CVS Pharmacies are in Florida?

With over 200 locations within the state of Florida, our popular pharmacies make it easy for customers to refill prescriptions, shop for everyday essentials, and receive care from a licensed health professional.

CVS Near Me | Fort Myers, FL (2024)


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